Axioms of Empire

By Indi Riverflow | February 12, 2014

Come now let us rival Nature
Build on banks between the rivers
We shall wall off every danger
Save our stores from starving strangers

We’ll set the price of pleasure
Catch our cut from every acre
Tally all the Earthbound treasures
We only own what we can measure

Add a bigger buffer
Around multiplying structures
Divide them up then conquer
Such are the axioms of Empire
Ever hungrier for power
Seeking new realms to devour
Fending off the final hour
As the axe falls on the Empire

These decrees define the letters
Lines confining willful workers
All will cultivate our cultures
For only we’ll have any answers

Ordered echoes yoke the future
Designing minds to be their bearer
Wooden actors pose as rulers
Posted half an inch from disaster

We face foregone foreclosure
Debt embedded in the architecture
Interesting how the market’s masters
Whip the tribute machine even faster

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