Cool Need Ray

By Indi Riverflow | August 8, 2013

To all the Grateful Dead and all the Grateful Living
And every ear of everything
That can hear me sing
I call all on this sacred day
To bear witness
To the casting of the Cool Need Ray

The needs I have for my self
And the needs I have for others
The needs of my sisters and brothers
That we know and have yet to discover
May blessings spring
From our abundant Green Mother

The need for wealth and for poverty
The need for health and prosperity
The needs of the heart
And the needs of our art
The needs of our flesh
The needs of our Earth
The need to mesh
With the source of our worth

Our need for relation
And real communication
Our need for the holy
Our need for the profane
Our need for lowly
And for the exalted plane

Our need for laughter
And our need for tears
Our need that comes after
Another star shifts careers

Our need for the fire
Our need for the wind
Our need to climb higher
Than anyone else has been

Our need for the seas
Of blissful uncertainty
Our need for the shore
Where the trail was trod before

Our need to see the sky above
Our need to be in the folds of love
Our need to set out naked and alone
Our need to show how well we’ve grown

Our need to express patiently
Our need to digress indefinitely
Our need to redress our savagery
Our need to unleash our imagery

Our need to cover more ground
Our need to share what we found
Our need to grieve
Our need to believe
And most of all our need to give
Ourselves a damn good reason to live

By all the power vested in me
By the magical authority of verse
May all these fruits fall from the Tree
That holds up our universe
Let the future roll through the land
On the heels of the holy Mobius Band
That we may start to understand
The gift already in our hands

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One Response to “Cool Need Ray”

  1. happycat
    2:43 pm on August 8th, 2013

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!


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