Dharma Map

By Indi Riverflow | November 22, 2012

I went to see the guru
To score some destiny
Just enough to tide me through
‘Til I could fix my color TV

Said to me you must be new
For I have seen you before
And if you truly had a clue
You’d back right out that door

But we’ll toss darts at the chart
If you’ve nothing else to do
Maybe you’ll start to fall apart
Maybe get hooked on the glue

Freedom found
In the heart of the trap
We’re homeward bound
The long way round
All wrapped up
In our Dharma maps

I sat baffled in the tiny shrine
It wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind
No signs of any grand design
Indeed no lines of any kind

I tried to take it all in stride
But I didn’t know what to think
Was I being taken for a ride
Or was the map in invisible ink?

Said maybe this you’ll understand
You venture into unknown lands
So don’t ask me what’s the plan
The way is drawn by your own hand

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