Down to Delphi

By Indi Riverflow | September 4, 2013

Quite a crowd at Muse’s Mountain
Line winding well beyond the horizon
For a fleeting peek behind time’s curtain
And they’re emerging looking
Even more uncertain

They come to banish their blues
Collecting useless cryptic clues
Catch a sketch of tomorrow’s news
No answer makes sense when
The question’s confused

Down to Delphi
For a spot of riddles and rye
Down to Delphi
Answers never seem to apply
Down to Delphi
Advice you’re bound to defy
Down to Delphi
Whatever they try to prophesy

I sat at the feet of the Oracle
In a resplendent crystal hall
Stream of movement seemed to stall
Cascading scenes of imagining
Reflecting on the walls

I will try to relate the explanation
Of how we created all creation
The only true gold is information
Matter’s not the particles
It’s in their relation

It’s in their relation
It’s in their relation
It’s in their relation


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