By Indi Riverflow | September 5, 2013

I can’t tell what’s left or right
Which way is up or down
If I’ve hit a dangerous height
Or if we’re grazing near the ground
Can’t see where we’re heading
If it’s back to where I’ve been
Since I’m flyin’ blind
If you’d be so kind
Open a line and fill me in
Please open a line and fill me in

Static from this feedback loop
Sounds exactly like your voice
I keep asking myself
What are the chances of a choice?

Hit the dunes without a guide
Or compass to point the way
The buggy I had hoped to ride
Became a burden to convey
The footing keeps sliding
Buried up to my chin
Since I’m in a bind
If you wouldn’t mind
Toss me a line and bring me in
Won’t you toss me a line and bring me in?


While you wait I must bide
Hanging limbo without a stick
On the other side of our steep divide
And the trail’s getting slick
If I had my way it’d be yesterday
Cause this doubt is wearing thin
But I’d settle for a sign
Just few feet of vine
Or a scrap of twine to tie me in
Yeah, a scrap of twine to tie me in


Drifting now and falling free
Frozen with all this liberty
Are we in space or are we at sea?
Sailing under veils of uncertainty
Wavering grip keeps slipping
Gravity wants to win
It’s quite a grind
So if you find the time
Shoot me a line and clue me in
Now won’t you shoot me a line and clue me in?

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