Fox In Sheep’s Clothing

By Indi Riverflow | November 6, 2012

Written with Eric Olson of Hairball Willie and Funktional Family

I conduct the half-hour of hate
A sock-puppet for the corporate state
Delivering a daily dose of fear
Of the enemies lurking far and near

There is no fact I will not slant
As I fill the air with self-righteous rants
My words wind their way to office and bar
Hypnotizing commuters as they steam in the car

My game is to redirect the blame
Reframe and defame with specious claims
Liberals or Muslims, it’s all the same
Communists and terrorists by different names

I make the smoke to fill your screen
I’ll wash your brain squeaky clean
I am the mouthpiece of the war machine
Turning blood red into American green

Wistful for Ike’s black-and white golden age
When crew cuts and witch hunts were all the rage
Nuclear spread and apocalyptic dread
Feeding the monster under the bed

With wit as sharp as the point of an arrow
Keeping minds on the small and narrow
The masses wouldn’t know what to think
If I weren’t there between every drink

Hawking for progress back to the past
When the patriot’s word was always the last
When women and races knew their places
And the market fell under God’s good graces


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