Green Glass Door

By Indi Riverflow | September 22, 2013

You’ll find puzzles but no pieces
Losslessness but no increases
Shuffled illusion which never ceases
From jugglers tossing without releases

There are riddles but no clues
There are feet untouched by shoes
There is narrative but no true news
Smoothest jazz but no rhythm or blues

We see challenges but no victory
Dilemmas but no adversity
Appearances but no live audition
Illumination but no real vision

We find symmetry but no symbols
Booming bass but not a trace of treble
Omissions but no startling glare
Between the lines that aren’t there

There is different but no same
Acclaim but no fame
Glitter but no glamor
Behind the green glass door

There are ballots but no leaders
There are books but no readers
Rabble but no revolutions
Many guesses but no solutions

There is spelling but no meaning
Yelling but no understanding
And telling but no showing
Rebelling but no uniting

There is happening but no action
And fulfillment, but no satisfaction
There is seeking but nothing to find
Intelligence but there is no mind
Oh who knows what lies behind
The glorious green glass door?

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