Hall of a Million Mirrors

By Indi Riverflow | February 9, 2014

I ventured into a hall
Of a million mirrors
Where I beheld the set of all
Bent by grace of place
In space and years
A panorama of possibilities
The face of every conceivable me

I saw every deviation
The worst and the best
Recursive iterations
Lives of the lowliest
And most exalted stations
Artists and hustlers
Hawking innovation

Sat Nam
Sa Ta Na Ma
Sat Narayan Wha He Guru
Hari Narayan
Sat Nam

I call myself to the Truth
Infinite cycle of being and becoming
Oceans of veracity and ecstasy
Unending circuit of creativity
I am the set of all I am

There were toilers and spoilers
Builders and destroyers
Fascination traders
In a ring of surface slickers
Imaginary paraders
Dancing in little flickers

The profligate and the vain
The methodically mad
And pathologically sane
Profiteers of war
And souls who fell before
Their inner monster
Drunk and thirsty for more

Saint and sinner
All stood at the door
Clad in robes of the rich
And rags of the poor
I opened up and let them in
All these versions of me
Who might have never been

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