Hook and Nail

By Indi Riverflow | September 19, 2013

I have a tale of two twins
Orphans split up at birth
As opposite as yang and yin
As different as sky and Earth

One was sent off to a tower
Made of ivory and jade
To be taught the tools of power
And the rules of forging blades

The other twin was tossed aside
Hobbled by a twisted spine
Cast on a raft to ride out the tide
And vanish from the grand design

This is the tale of the hook and the nail
The endless regress of more or less
Answer from guess
And visions of veils

Raised by a school of sirens
The hunchback pored over questions
Melodious genuflections
Heading in any direction

The other grew to an upright citizen
Told asking questions was a sin
Who knew just how many seraphim
Could crowd on the point of a pin

Exclamation army
Firing at will
Aiming at truths
That just won’t stand still

Hunchback huddle
Pondering puddles
Slippery and subtle
And eternally unfilled


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