Invert Rarity

By Indi Riverflow | March 24, 2014

I collect impossibilities
And other pure fantasies
I have antidotes for gravity
And many cures for reality

I once thought I was wrong
Turned out I was mistaken
Didn’t take too very long
To find that Fate was only fakin’

The stamp of invert rarity
In a desert of spare hilarity
The glitch which can switch polarity
An error you’d never dare correct
Quite the opposite of what you’d expect

Slipping on stepping stones
Dripping from dangerous streams
Cascading over cliffs of unknowns
Careening into sordid dreams

No wealth can purchase poverty
Hard-won scrawlings on the walls
The very scarcest commodities
Simply can’t be bought at all

Nothing can be more precious
Than unvarnished veracity
The richest pearls are priceless
Beyond the grasp of mortality

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