Key of Now

By Indi Riverflow | December 3, 2012

There is language which is spoken
Giving breath to gasping thoughts
Sent on rafts of air as tokens
To return what time has taught

Some ideas find the mind smitten
Words worthy of another look
With desperation these are written
Born to bodies of fine-lined books

Always after more of what passed before
Grasping to catch some life from the dead
Making memories into metaphors
Spun from pale parable threads

Wisdom comes in many tongues
Many ways to use the air in our lungs
Many ways to link the old to young
But few ring as true
As the truth that is sung

The particle points to here on the map
The wave is the way it fills the gap
All we can know is the world as it was
Matter is what energy does

George Brown died on Friday
Caged by cadence and chord
Chromatic calligraphy
The inner face of space explored

Spotter calls out for land
Hanging from the bow
But it’s just a note of sand
Written in the Key of Now


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