Liquid Silver

By Indi Riverflow | November 23, 2013

A wild one born with no time to waste
Wings on his shoes and ready to race
Got up to play on his first day of birth
Full of fast ones to lay on the Earth

Son of the thunder by a quiet girl
Slick little trickster took off in a whirl
Trouble to make and chains to yank
By dusk pulling off his first epic prank

Quick as liquid silver
In a position second to none
We’ve only just begun to run
Backward circle, circle backward
Backward circles around the Sun

The Sun awoke one ancient dawn
To learn his happy herds were gone
The tracks were fresh the trail was clear
But the thief and steer were nowhere near

Tracking down the culprit didn’t take long
But instead of a tantrum the brat burst into song
A hymn to memory’s gold-drenched glories
Retelling each detail of the Sun’s own story


Say, let me make my amends with this lyre
Brother I’m thrilled to find you inspired
And your goodwill is worth a great deal
More than any wealth I might ever steal

Wherefore this sound from the tortoise shell
How the hell do you make it sing so well?
Well, I don’t know but I think it’s gonna grow
Into the groove and guts of rock and roll

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