Mule’s Gold

By Indi Riverflow | August 8, 2013

I’m a broker by day
Even broker by night
We deal in shades of grey
Green fading into white

Delivery’s done, fortune’s won
Pockets stuffed with burning dough
Another run under the gun
Just a little less than I owe

I’d sell you my soul
But it’s already sold
Traded to the trolls
For some shiny Mule’s Gold

Zipping at the speed of need
Where desperation drips
Sucking poisoned seeds of greed
On the short side of the flip

Can’t spare a second to sniff the roses
There’s enough cocaine
On this here plane
To numb ten million noses


This business of chemistry
It’s all a thin-lined blur
The edge of integrity
Where sleight of mind occurs

So if I loosen my collar
It’s ’cause this heat is a drag
Bet doughnuts to dollars
It’ll be me with the bag

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One Response to “Mule’s Gold”

  1. Frank Goodman
    6:48 pm on August 12th, 2013

    We like it!

    I admire your prolific nature, it always belies a writer’s industry…

    Perhaps sometime you would send me an example of your very simplest, most emotional lyric, and let me take a crack at it…peace to you, Indi, and to you, Amana Buzz Holland


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