Nightly Newspeak

By Indi Riverflow | December 3, 2013

Instead of blather about taxes and weather
Debating the ticker on the stock exchange
Someone decided to for once deliver
A taste of real news for a change

Every screen around the globe
Showed how reality was manufactured
And the Emperor was abruptly disrobed
The curtain pulled back on the wizard

You can fill a million Bastilles
But Pandora’s Box can’t be resealed
Once the onion starts to peel
The real stink will be revealed

Such was the magnitude of this monstrous leak
Exposing secrets of unbelievable trickery
That for one long second no one could speak
Realizing we’d all been made a mockery

Of course the authorities all demanded
The head of whoever was behind these deeds
It was therefore summarily commanded
That a worldwide manhunt proceed

We must discover who did this and how
With all mechanical speed
Well, we have it narrowed down now
To about twelve million leads


Of course we have here quite a long list
Of suspected info-anarchists
But what group of irresponsible terrorists
Could be responsible for truth like this?

There’s this school teacher in California
Said to harbor unusual sympathies
There’s a librarian in Louisiana
Who once looked at books on conspiracies
Then there’s this activist in Florida
Or maybe this journalist from North Dakota

And the list went on and covered the map
As it dawned on them all what a hideous trap
It hit the dark room with the force of a slap
They’d be dead before getting this thing under wraps

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  1. Joshua H. Metz
    3:46 am on February 9th, 2014

    What are comments? Are these comments? Did I do it?


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