Nips of Honesty

By Indi Riverflow | January 11, 2014

Seems beyond self-evident
That it would’ve been smart
To get in front of this moment
Right from the start
Lots of lines that fell face-flat
But we gotta get past that

At times I may be too direct
For polite diplomacy
Protecting truth from neglect
In the airs of courtesy
Time ain’t planning on sitting pat
But we gotta get past that

I’m not nearly as angry
As I may appear to be
The chill you feel is only
Wind-whipped nips of honesty
I’ve run clean out of diplomat
And we gotta get past that

Brisk words can come in raw
Slicing paper-thin skin
When this glacier finally thaws
You’ll see how timid we’ve been
We’ll top out the thermostat
And we’ll get past that

The truth can be cold
So we wrap ourselves in lies
But if I may be so bold
I’m tired of wearing a disguise
Piece of mind hiding under my hat
Half past time to get past that

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