On A Phrase

By Indi Riverflow | November 18, 2012

If you’re testing my patience
I must say you’ve passed
I’ll yield you the difference
If we can get over this fast

Bonfire zips
Beneath winter’s glaze
We’re only going through a phase
These days will slip
Into history’s haze
If our bridge doesn’t burn on a phrase

Memories we have spoiled
Clawing at each other’s throats
The sacred ground we soiled
Stabbing Judas goats

Hairs split into pure thin air
Debating hallucinations
Scaling stairs which lead nowhere
In mindless reiteration

Seeds of hope
Beneath springtime rains
We were only going through a phase
Down slippery slopes
Over homegrown clichés
It always seems to turn on a phrase

Time is shaped like a funnel
Only one way to slide
Deeper in toward the tunnel
And out the other side

Just because we’re here now
Doesn’t mean we’re not there then
There’s a lot I’d love to disavow
But I’ll probably do it all again

Fortune scorching
Under summer’s rays
We’re only going through a phase
We went torching
Set the Earth ablaze
Yesterday’s ways return on a phrase

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