By Indi Riverflow | February 8, 2014

Pointed on a narrow line
The way may seem so clear
Cling to vainglorious vines
Or fall in briartraps of fear

But one day the slant of light
Shines on just the right spot
Triggers in the nerves a second sight
Where the curves connect the dots

It is all impossible up until
It has become inevitable
Energy is the primal animal
Ever hunting out the optimal

Upon rare reflection
Turns out the world is round
And therefore any direction
May well be homeward bound

And now the lines do appear
To weave circles and spiral knots
And these are merely parts of spheres
We aren’t sure yet how to plot

It’s a volatile volley
Across the recurring years
Fueled by streams of fiery folly
And plenty of grit in the gears

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