Partner Ship

By Indi Riverflow | January 17, 2014

A palace built in quicksand
Only has so long to stand
While sunlit skies glow
And fair-weather winds blow

Soon enough storms will show
That’s when we’ll really know
If there’s any solid foundation
Or just a hasty imagination

The hardest part of Partner Ship
Is settling on one course
When we’re all on a different trip
Back to the same old source

Some crave commands of royalty
I’d rather live in lands of loyalty
Oh, I’d let roomfuls of treasure rust
Just to cover my back in slack and trust

Cutting keys to communication
Keeping equality in the equation
Selecting a collective direction
Where our paths find connection


Sometimes I come on too strong
Other times perhaps too meek
And if we never risk being wrong
Then we will truly be too weak

The confusion we chance
In improvising our dance
Charting new frames of reference
Taking dominion out of deference

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