Pine Cone Ridge

By Indi Riverflow | August 13, 2013

Trap doors in shifting floors
As I tumble from the sky
Where half a blink before
I swear I knew how to fly

I come from the vista
Of the inside eye
Where gravity’s just a
Local rule to defy

Iris left you a message
At the edge of rainbow bridge
Spelled out in the language of images
Turn in at the signs along Pine Cone Ridge

There’s just a half-step of separation
Dividing diamond-faced dimensions
Tinsel filaments of reflection
Lost in transit and translation

Wispy scattered glimmers
Frames flipped out of sequence
Stirring a mixture of pictures
Chronicling inverted events


Greeting degrees of gradation
Along the spectrum of sensation
Riding rails of radiation
Through the tunnels of perception

Smoke drifting away
Firmament’s gone quaking
Fading fast into the day
Beneath the weight of waking


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