Prisoner’s Dilemma

By Indi Riverflow | August 29, 2013

The game getting grim and gruff
The men in suits shuffled me in
Talking tough and full of bluff
Down for a round of no one wins

They sat me down at the table
And laid me out the stakes
They told me they might be able
To cut me a lucky break

Please, please, please don’t you plead
No, please, please, please don’t you plead
I swear we’ll all be freed
So please, please, please don’t you plead

Man said, let me relieve your doubt
Save us all a little time
There’s no more point in holding out
Your friends, they dropped the dime

Now I’d lay your cards down loose
Before the deal comes round again
Cause the guilty ones draw a deuce
But the innocent get sent for ten

Our lives reduced to poker chips
Sweat’s thick enough to drown
If so much as a single words slips
House of cards comes tumbling down

Said, no, sir, I’ll take my odds
You can keep your devil’s deals
As I prayed to all the gods
Every lip stays zipped and sealed


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