Renaissance of Resonance

By Indi Riverflow | November 27, 2013

Let’s grab a sip of novel tea
And swing from the limbs of realitree
Well shift happens
When we’re all fluxed up
So bring out your brilliance
And let’s raise our cups
To the Renaissance of resonance

The golden balance is bound to be found
Answers will always come around
It worked back then it’ll work again
If the principle is sound

It might be more realistic
To remain pessimistic
But it’s better to be happy than right
And I’d rather figure out how we might
Turn the stern of this panic-wracked Titanic
Try to incite or at least invite
A lifeboat to float our finest insight


It’s an age of mass confusion
Setting the stage for revolution
Bit by bit and byte by byte
Lighting up the edge of evolution
But all some eyes desire
Is the starkness of night
However mighty the bonfire
The Titan’s scorching torch ignites


Imagineering by intuition
Teasing the future into fruition
On plateaus of punmanteaus
Lining winding cascading tableaus
Of shining stars on a mission
Rise up as visionaries always arose
It’s half past time your talent shows

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