By Indi Riverflow | January 6, 2014

High mojo in the whole
Heavy spells getting sprung
From the bottom of my soul
To the tip of my tongue

It’s been quite a blast
Still ringing in my ears
One last call for the past
Coming through loud and clear

Who I’ve been is wearing thin
Serpent shedding another skin
Go ahead, hit the reset button
And start all over again

Farewell you forlorn fantasies
Dreams from disappearing years
Lose the you who used to be
Slip into a brand new gear

Shells of selves chipped away
Collapsing walls within
Clearing out all the yesterday
So tomorrow can start to begin

Start and start and start over again
Draw a deep breath and count from ten
Ten powder-kegs of dynamite ignite
Nine novas erupt in the night
Eight awakenings crackle in dawn
Seven sibyls speak and then they are gone

Start and start and start over again
Trace time back through its origin
It began, it began, oh I lost count
But very long ago by all accounts
Everything happens but who knows when
So start and start and start over again

Start and start and start again
For we’re still in initiation
On the wings of incantations
For dreams in generation
Spring-loaded cobras ready to dance
With any who dare to take the chance

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