Road I Ride

By Indi Riverflow | January 27, 2014

The road I ride
Isn’t marked on any map
It’s a little off to the side
From where pandas lay their traps
Out where outlaws hide
The tunnels are where I reside
A little dirt I take in stride
No room for undue pride
On the road I ride

The road I ride
Is made up day to day
And I wouldn’t be bona fide
If I claimed I knew the way
Guesses are my only guide
It gets pretty cut-and-dried
Not a whole lot to decide
Whatever’s not denied
Is the road I ride

The road I ride
Designed for great and small
And if I may confide
It’s not fit for walking tall
You can go the whole world wide
Where no wall can divide
The real trip goes on inside
Magic demystified
That’s the road I ride

The road I ride
Isn’t for the feint of art
The only end implied
Is returning where it starts
I can only say that I have tried
To collect what coincides
For all who simply won’t abide
Too slick to let it slide
That’s the road I ride

The road I ride
Defined by obstacles
And cannot be classified
By make of any vehicle
Sometimes I’m clear Shang-hied
Or chased out by the roaring tide
Providence always provides
Aphorisms get applied
Along the road I ride

The road I ride
An avenue through space
Visible to the wild-eyed
With some answers to chase
Sometimes strange ideas collide
I like reality deeply fried
Half a step from certified
Banging on old ironside
That’s the road I ride

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