Rorschach Cadillac

By Indi Riverflow | January 11, 2014

Some Rorschach Cadillac
Rolled into the bivouac
With doors of golden guitars
I flipped through all the almanacs
Scanning forecasts like a maniac
But there are no types of cars
Only pictures made of stars
Listed in the Zodiac

Call it intuition
Call it premonition
Call it whatever you like
Call it divination
Or the mind’s own creation
The future’s calling you
For an encore lightning strike

Got a little bit tipsy
So I went to see the gypsy
To learn what lay ahead
Shuffled cards stiffly
Then she counted to fifty
And got out some jam to spread
Said I’ll be back in a jiffy
And if you’re feelin’ kinda iffy
Here’s your chance to dance in bed


Blew out all my fuses
And I left it to the Muses
Wrapped up in a cloud to wait
They ran me through ruses
Exposed all the excuses
And sent me to meet my fate
As speckled light diffuses
Not quite sure what the news is
But I bet it’s gonna sound great


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