Sandals In A Haystack

By Indi Riverflow | August 26, 2013

We all bring our masks to the masquerade
Inventing characters to play the charade
Some are wrapped up tight in the groove
Some keep wry eyes on each other’s moves

Some came here to play a game of chance
Some came merely to display their dance
Some came to stare in childlike awe
And scrapbook all the colors they saw

Sandals in a haystack
And tons of loose screws
You know it’s a good party
When you lose your shoes

A limping love will sputter and die
Even as a new romance gathers sparks
Ten more collapse in stutters and lies
For every storybook ending that starts

Some will whither and shiver
Some will be bathed in heat
For some Fate will deliver
The trickiest kind of treat


Whatever you came hunting for
I wish you the best of luck, my friend
But all I am able to offer
Is what the music chooses to send

At the end of the night
When all is said and done
If we led any love into the light
This round of the game’s been won

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