By Indi Riverflow | December 21, 2012

There is nothing quite as sweet
As the beauty of a breath
Nor sour as our common defeat
The final gasp of ashen death

With this air so abundantly rare
Our time to taste it slipping away
I swear we have no more to spare
Indulging this fighting today

Our views align in unity
Somewhere between one and infinity
A precise point in complexity
Picked by the click of simplicity

Pandora’s treasure is a clever trap
Opening up a million more gaps
Never mind fiddling with locks
It’s time to think around the box

Truth is an estimation
As obvious as it is obscure
We’re in it for the duration
So we may as well endure


No crisis ever could be so great
That quibbling won’t make it worse
Waste this space in endless debate
With winds which won’t reverse

Peace presents the golden riddle:
Where do opposite sides agree?
Truth might be right down the middle
Halfway between you and me

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