Tastelessly Tongue-Tied

By Indi Riverflow | September 17, 2013

By now you’d think that I’d have brought
Some erudite or at least clever thought
Some compelling gem, sparkling and rare
Or a little bit of that rapier wit
To slice the heavy atmosphere

You’d think I’d have an epic line writ
To fill pregnant pauses of dead air
Hanging in a moment too small to fit
All the words which ought to be there

A little late with the hip and humble
The laugh’s been born and died
While I stumble and mumble
Struck dumbly mum and tastelessly tongue-tied
Tastelessly tongue-tied

You think by now I’d have clear in my head
All the impatient ideas in line to be said
A sense of the essential and sublime
Or crack of levity to lighten the lead
And suspend the gravity of time

Oh, you’d think I’d have blazing insights
Always ready to drop on a dime
But I’m simply speechless in the spotlights
Right when I’d best be at my prime

And if I’d had my wits about me
If I had that moment to revise
Instead of uttering inanities
I might have stayed silent and wise

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