Three-Way Chess

By Indi Riverflow | December 18, 2012

Alpine silver star
Angel of abyss
Catch the eye of Horus
In rings of cryptic mist
I am Aiwass
Ancient Ipsissimus
Voice of awe
Author Emeritus
Of the Book of the Law
Therion’s Liber Legis

You say you can be invisible
Well, now let us all see
Oh, I can only disappear
When no one watches me

What say the Secret Chiefs?
Buck every trend
And bend all belief
Do what thou wilt
Without sin of guilt
There is no sky
There is no limit
Each Eye is only
An orphan star unlit

Beyond earthly insult
Openly occult
Rhymes with unholy
Soiled sainted Crowley
Set all the secrets free
Ecstatic rites of excess
Blinded three-way chess
And a Beastly legacy

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