Tour’s End

By Indi Riverflow | October 9, 2012

It’s the end of tour now
We’ve come to the end of the line
But damn it worked out fine
One day when we rock in leisure
These pleasures we’ll recall
Memory’s precious treasures
Which make the trouble worth it all

We’ll do it again in the pleasure domes
Though it’s never quite the same
Land softly on memory’s foam
With ghosts of roads we’ve roamed
Now we retreat to our various seats
And plan our next journey home

Racing full throttle
Stopped on a dime
Resetting each peak
To be the new baseline
On a race to redefine
What it means for a star to shine

All the hurdles we transcended
The stress test of delays
The tension that we tended
Maintaining a matrix of mainstays
Running out of fuel like a supersonic jet
Swallowing letters of the alphabet

Running through romances
Chasing that perfect pitch
And many chances for strange dances
Scratching at an irresistible itch
Driving down to the last battered ditch
In threads worn to the last tattered stitch

Making miles in sunshine smiles
Lost in the interstate city maze
Whistling all the while
Reality pierces through the haze
Spinning through our cranky dials
Yeah, these must be those good ole days

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