Transitive Venus

By Indi Riverflow | August 20, 2013

I tried dating a painting
All hung-up from where I sat
Found me most unfit for framing
And all my jokes were fallin’ flat

Started seeing a statue
But I knew it wouldn’t last
Stuck up on that pedestal
And going nowhere fast

Waiting for the Transitive Venus
Lit with star-crossed designs
Nothing to come between us
When our charts and hearts align

Sank into a soft silken pillow
Thinking there I might rest my head
But beneath it was a crossbow
Set for a battle in that bed

Always fell for that fatal arrow
And rose again for another shot
Hunting hearts among the shadows
We’re the only game we’ve got


Only twice a century a pair
Arrives at such perfection
A fleeting flirtation so rare
It fuels all other flares of affection

Transitive Venus

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